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King Kaka Gives An Update On His Journey To Recovery From Unknown Illness

King Kaka's post on IG

King Kaka has been battling a serious illness for the past few months and is slowly making his way back to better health. He has recently made an update concerning the same on his Instagram page saying that he has gained a few kgs. 

“No matter how small the win is, it’s still a win. Just checked my weight and I have gained 6kgs. Losing all that weight was not a joke and now seeing the gains is a big motivation and a blessing. Thank you to everyone who said a prayer, twendele. Be blessed.” He captioned. 

He had revealed before that his illness was misdiagnosed hence causing him to lose all that weight, but has not revealed what it is that ails him. 

The rapper has been nothing but grateful for the love and support he has been receiving ever since this unknown ailment struck him and has especially taken the time to thank his lovely wife Nana Owiti for always being there for him. 

King Kaka before his illness 

“Let me count my blessings. The last three months has been nothing short but terrifying, this lady here, Nana Owit has shown and proven what a wife and a best friend is. From kulala kwa couch ya hospitali next to my bed then you wake up and shower in the same hospital, go and smile kwa TV like everything is okayto fighting with nurses on why they are slow (big up to the nurses who took care of me, ni vile Nana alikuwa anataka nipone haraka), to praying and encouraging me to eat mkisaidiana na moms, to sponge bathing me when the temperatures were too high.

King Kaka with his wife Nana

I am currently walking on that road to recovery but I pray that God guides youand grants you all your heart’s wishes and desires. Just learnt the new meaning of partner in a relationship. Be blessed and asante Nana.” He posted on the gram appreciating his lovely wife. 

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