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"I Pretended To Be Fasting"Churchill Talks Of A Date That Left Him Penniless

Daniel Ndambuki is the host of Churchill show.He is one famous comedian and many citizens favorite.

Talking of past experiences sometimes happens to be a reason for laughter to many.Churchill got to share a story of a date he had back in the days. It was in the 90's.He planned to take a lady on a date.Maybe he already knew outdoor dates are something most ladies feel comfortable with.Being the gentleman the went to an eatery.It was time to place an order.The lady did not hesitate, i mean she is on a date so why not? She ordered half a chicken.

Churchill hilariously asked her,"ya hapa ama ya wapi."

He tried convincing her to at least take two sausages instead.It was in vain,the lady was already decided and stuck on taking chicken.So the chicken was served.

"As she ate,I was watching her.I pretended to be fasting as Jesus did back in the day," he confessed.

His pockets could not allow him to make an order of anything. He was about to be left penniless. 

"Everytime she chewed nilikuwa naskia uchungu nikikumbuka natembea mguu going back home," hilariously said Churchill.

The only option left was for him to walk home and so he did.

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