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Meet these Kenyan celebrities who got insulted and criticized, but they are now successful

Becoming a celebrity is not always easy, especially in Kenya. Some people will criticize you while others will insult you. But the best thing about Kenyan celebrities is that they don't give up easily. Let's look at these 3 Kenyan celebrities who got criticised by people but, are doing excellent today:

1. Azziad Nasenya.

Azziad's journey as a Kenyan celebrity was not easy at all. When the song utawezana by Mejja and Femi One was released, she created a video dancing to it and to her surprise, it went viral. Her video was watched by many people and others tried copying her moves. Jealous people took the chance to call her names on social media platforms. She never got bothered by her haters so she continued to create more videos. Right now, she's loved by almost everyone and her social media account are full of followers. She is living a very successful life at a young age.

2. Stivo Simple Boy.

Stivo is a famous Kenyan artist who is doing great today. When he started his music career, many people criticized his abilities. Stivo didn't give up because of this, instead, he went along to prove them wrong by producing more songs. Right now, he's the hitmaker of 'freshi barida', one of the most popular songs in Kenya.

3. Diana B

She is a Kenyan rapper and a lovely wife to Bahati. When she released her first song, many people went ahead to criticize her talents. She never listened to what people said and fought back by releasing new songs. Right now, she has the support of her husband and many fans.

What do you think about these celebrities? One thing I have learnt from these people is to always look forward and ignore what people say about you. Share your views below and follow for more.

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