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Sultana: JJ Back Home Drunkard And Misses Sultana

Monday episode JJ will surprise his parents. JJ will be back home very drunkard and Sada will be surprised too. Major can't believe his son's behaviour. JJ even can't walk normally and doesn't care.

Bi Ua will not believe her eyes seeing her son drunk. JJ tells her to stop staring at him and should allow him to pass. JJ will enter in to his room and closes. He starts shouting Sultana and he really misses her. Bi Ua will be left crying and Asia joins her. Sada will find them and tells Bi Ua that they are the cause of JJ being drunk and rather than to cry should find solution.

In the morning Bi Ua will not find JJ in his room and thinks he has run away. Asia will try to look for him but she will not see him. JJ is at the beaches thinking of Sultana. JJ don't know if Sultana loves him because as for him he truly loves her so much.

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