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'Nyinyi Ni Vienyeji Promax' Fans Tell Comediennes Mammito And Awinja After Their Skit Went Viral

In modern days, social media has been the platform that everyone turns to whenever they want to be entertained. Many talents have evolved and it has become a custom for people to share their content online. One of Kenya's favorite duo has been comediennes Mammito and Awinja of Papa Shirandula.

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Their unique skits have been making many people happy and this is one of the reasons that their followers have doubled. The two things that make them unique are how they dress and also how they step out with funny hairstyles that match their context.

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In their latest video, they had attended a wedding. They were dressed in matching outfits and very funny hairstyles. They were gossiping now about the wedding was and analyzing the bridegroom's past.

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They said how the groom was going to have a hard time because the bride was married before and had grown-up kids. Awinja went ahead to tell their fans to invite them to their wedding at their own risk.

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Here are some of those comments made:

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Watch the skit in the link provided below:

What do you to k about this duo?

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Mammito Nyinyi Ni Vienyeji


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