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SULTANA: Kokan is Cautioned by Kaka to Avoid Forcing Love in Today's Evening Episode

Kaka will visit Kokan in this episode. When Kokan unexpectedly recognizes him, he inquires about his sleeping arrangements. Kaka exhorts him to come out so that they can converse as men. 

Kokan is warned by Kaka not to try to force a relationship and to avoid Sultana. Kokan advises him not to give him advice because Dida approved of their relationship. Kaka explains to him that because of his stupidity, the villagers have a reason to despise him and won't let anyone tell him the truth.

Kokan is warned by Kaka that if he approaches Sultana, he will deal with him properly. Kokan cannot cause Sultana any emotional harm, and Kaka cannot stand by and watch. Kaka urges him not to approach Sultana because if he does, the villagers would chase him away and Sultana will do something that they are planning to do to Major. Kokan had no idea Kaka would take things so seriously.

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