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"Uuwiii I Can't Keep Calm" Awinja Get Excited Meeting Kip Hoge And Realizing He Recognized Her

Speak of the times when people are ecstatic to meet new and powerful persons in society. Many people dream of progressing in greeting their role models and spending time with them.

Jackie vive, also known as Awinja Namwala, has shared photos of herself with marathon record holder Eliud Kipchoge.

Every time people watch her comedic content, the young actress makes netizens smile.

Together with her companion Mammito, the former actor from the TV series Papa Shirandula has continued to expand her comedy through various social media platforms. She has found happiness in comedy, both on stage and in real life.

People are excited when they encounter new and influential people in society. Many people aspire to be able to greet and interact with their role models.

Jackie Vive, also known as Awinja Namwala, has shared images of herself with Eliud Kipchoge, the current world marathon record holder. The young actress makes viewers laugh every time they see her funny stuff.

The former actor from the TV series Papa Shirandula has expanded her comedy through numerous social media platforms with her partner Mammito.

On stage and off, she has discovered joy in comedy and she has brought joy and happiness to many families, children and youths she is a mentor to many. Below in a screenshot are some reactions from different fans of the celebrity.

She is Famously known of her fanny character from acting in 'Papa Shirandula' and so many other advertisements she makes to Kenyans and even the happiness she has brought to many with a plays in all media platforms. She eventually brought another laughter as she got excited meeting the marathon champion as the champion recognized her.

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