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Zora: Zalena Drops Nana's Case While Mr. Lawyer Goes Missing

In today's episode Nana and Milton will be in the sitting room and Zalena and his sons will join them. Zalena tells them that her and her family have decided to drop the Case about the death of Oliver where Nana was the main suspect because they don't want to go to court for changing the Will.Nana will not believe but Zalena tells her to call the lawyer and confirm.

Nana will call the lawyer but his phone will not be available. Milton will try at his office but the secretary will receive the call and tells him that she don't know whereabout the Lawyer because many of his clients have been calling him but he is not receiving their calls. Milton tells her it's okay and if he will come then he should inform him.

Zalena tells them to inform if they hear from the lawyer then she will leave and his sons will follow her. Madiba will question her mother when they will stop missing people they know but Zalena will says she know nothing and Madiba will get angry and leave. Kwame will asks Zalena again but she will refused to talk and Kwame will just leave.

Zalena is hiding something and she is aware about the whereabouts the lawyer because she is capable of anything.

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