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Zora: Zalena Wants To Kill Nana

Today's episode starts with the Chibale's family waiting for the Will to be read. Kwame will call Madiba to meet the Lawyer but he doesn't want because he is not real Chibale but Kwame forces him. Their Lawyer will enter with Nana and everyone will be surprised but the Lawyer tells them he will explain.

The Lawyer will beg Yola to leave because is not part of Chibales. He will read the Will and Zalena finds out Nana is given some percentage. Lorreta will complain but the Lawyer will repeat the Will and let them sign but Lorreta refuses because Milton Oliver's son is not included in the will.

The lawyer goes on and read about the sugarcane farm and the Chibale's finds out Nana is given the largest percentage,she is also given Madibas house where he used to stay with his late wife and two daughters. Lorreta will say that's is crap and cannot believe Oliver could give Nana such big share of his properties. The Lawyer tells them that Oliver and Nana got married and Nana's is Oliver's second wife. Zalena will get mad and says Oliver to rot in hell and then she attacks Nana, Zalena promises to kill her but Madiba holds. Nana and the Lawyer will leave the house.

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