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Have You Written Down Your Vision?

A vision is a mental picture of what you want to achieve in life, where you want your destination to be. You can have a personal vision, or a vision about your family, business or career, just to mention a few.

I never thought that writing down a vision was important. I've heard so many motivational speakers emphasize on that, but it never occurred necessary to me. A verse in the bible in (Hababuk 2:2) also emphasizes on it " And the Lord answered me: write down the vision, make it plain on tablets, that he who reads it may run with it"

The first wave of the covid 19 pandemic gave me a strong awakening and I realized having a vision is important. Everything was so uncertain and tough. Some kind of confusion streamed in the process and I began to question the main purpose of my existence.

I wondered if the world was to come to an end at the very moment, would I have fulfilled my purpose?

Thinking about fulfilling purpose opened my mind to realize that I needed to have it in the first place in order for me to fulfill it. I needed to have a vision, a goal, a dream.

So I held a serious meeting with myself and did a self- audit and finally wrote down my personal vision.

Writing down a vision brings it to life. If you don't write it down, you can't make blueprints or see what it can become. It also;

1. Helps you establish your priorities based on your goals - there are so many opportunities that we come across and feel like we need to take up all. But once you have a clear vision, you'll know which one to choose.

2. It makes your vision clear -sometimes we have so many thoughts and things to accomplish that we end up forgetting some. Therefore, writing them all down will help you keep them all on track.

3. A written vision gives you the inspiration and motivation you need to push through life's toughest challenges - waking up each day and revisiting your vision gives you some kind of strength. It does not give you room to give up since you have so much to accomplish.

4. It gives you the right directions you need to follow to your destination. You'll also get to manage your time well.

Have a vision, write it down

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