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Strange Rituals: India Custom Of Throwing Babies Off Building.

In India, Maharashtra and Karnataka states exists this weird and dangerous ritual where people toss babies, even barely two months old ones off building into the crowd for the sole purpose of blessing the child with luck and long life.

According to a 700year old legend, when medical knowledge was unknown and children were dying from illnesses, a saint advised parents of the sick kids to build a shrine and throw the babies from it's roof to show their faith in the Almighty. They did so and according to this legend, a sheet would miraculously appear mid air and carry the baby to safety.

We get it, they didn't have all the resources we have today to help cure the sick kids, but the fact they still do it today is unbelievable! This ritual leaves the babies nothing if not shaken and traumatized.

They usually have the tossing done by experienced devotees who drop the babies down to a stretched out sheet held up by other people.

Yeah this kinda doesn't make sense at all to be honest but despite protests from child protective services to ban this tradition, some of these villagers refused to let it go no matter what. Poor babies.

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