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Late Night Bitter Exchange Between Robert Alai And Bonface Mwangi As Their Fans Cheer Them On

On Saturday 24th night controversial blogger Robert Alai and human rights activist Bonface Mwangi had a bitter exchange of words while their supporters cheered them on.

Alai seem to have ignited a war with Bonface Mwangi after trolling him. Alai told Bonface Mwangi that his activisim is organic and that he even buys support. Alai told Bonface Mwangi that he can not fake in real political contest and that he will fail.

These words seemed to have hit Bonface Mwangi the hardest and he couldn't waste any time but respond.

On his part Bonny told Alai that blackmail and extortionist is his (Alai) modus operandi. That Alai's Kahawa Tungu blog is a cockroach that steals stories from media houses. Bonny dared Alai to spill everything he has because he (Bonny) is ready.

Alai seemed to have obliged to the duel although he had promised to be nice. He threw a salvo at Bonny telling him how he snatched Pawa254 from Derrick.

Alai claimed that Bonny is funded by the government and pays police officers to arrest him for funding.

Bonny replied in a shocked manner asking Alai who Derrick is and that he faked his arrests.

Below are screenshots of their exchange.

As the two fight, their Supporters to are busy cheering them on and asking for more fire power.

Below are screenshots fro from their supporters who seem to enjoy the fight of words between the two.

Content created and supplied by: MashHenry (via Opera News )

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