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18 Favorite Actors In TV Series Who Were Greatest Enemies.

Emotions associated with Enemy are hate, anger, jealousy, fear, grudge. Enemy is someone you hate and hates you back. He threatens your life and tries to attack you. According to christians, we should love our enemies and always pray good and nice to them.

Enemies will make your life to be miserable and difficult as it has been shown in some of our favourites Tv Series. These characters are the most hated and it shows how to treat your enemies in real life's. Here are list of the favourites Tv series and their cast who were enemies.

Prison Break: Michael Scoffield Vs T Bag

Breaking Bad: Heisenberg Vs Gustavo.

Peaky Blinders: Luca Changretta Vs Tomas Shelby

Sherlock: Sherlock Vs Moriarty

Game Of Thrones: Lannister Vs Stark

Vikings: Ragnarok Vs Ecbert

Dexter: Dexter Vs Arthur Mitchell

The Walking Dead: Negan Vs Rick Grimes

Hannibal: Hannibal Vs Will Graham

These actors never hated each other in real life, they were trying to show how to treat your enemies in real life situation and how dangerous they can be.

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Breaking Bad Michael Scoffield Prison Break


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