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This is How Dowry is Calculated

If You're Getting Married Soon, This is How to Calculate Dowry

Traditions are evolving thus becoming more complex, therefore, change remains inevitable and the only permanent thing. Dowry is one of the many cultural activities that have stood the test of time. A practice that will not fade any soon because some individuals rip big from the 'golden moment'. 

Apparently, marriage seems an opportunity for money making venture that comes in form of dowry. In so doing, it's sole goals and objectives not put into considerations: 

i) Dowry is only but a gesture of appreciation. Being grateful for the sacrifices and efforts towards raising a young girl into that lady of substance. 

ii) Dowry is a uniting factor.

iii) Dowry substitutes an outgoing lady's labour. 

In an African setting every village has got certified dowry negotiators. These old wisemen have traditional skills and convincing power to sweet-talk the other party to pay or make a reduction - this is always done with a lot of precautions until amicable agreements are reached.

Unlike in the precious olden days when men paid dowry with expectations of getting a well domesticated woman in return, presently one is not sure if what is forthcoming will all be in vain or in gain. 

In terms of calculating dowry there are terms and conditions: Virginity was highly regarded in the past whereas today, edcuation first comes into play. Virgins fetched handsome returns for obvious known reasons. 

With the current living standard, most societies will negotiate dowry based on her education level. It's undoubtful that stopped schooling at primary, secondary, or tertiary levels lures different pride prices.

Having heavily invested on their daughter, parents are never willing to let go cheaply their daughters as they plot to dig deep to see one pays dearly. 

On the same note, dowry has come with a lot of exploitations and oppressions. Some men have been disappointed in the long run especially when their 'online products' differ from the one they ordered. 

High living standards makes many settle for less - "come we stay" or 'cohabitation' - hoping that 'dawn will surely come in the near future and pride price paid'. In-laws are never easy on each other - reminders fill their inbox, day in day out.

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