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Why Queen Elizabeth II Always Carries A Purse

Women when going out often love carrying their purses. This is where they keep their personal and beauty staff. Apart from this, purses can also be carried because of fashion just to make a given outfit perfect. However, when it comes to Queen Elizabeth II, it is not the case.

Just like any normal woman, the great always has a purse by her side and you will be pressed to come across of photo of her without one. It is reported that she owns more that 200 of the purses. There is however more to the pursue than just what meets your eyes, the Queen uses the pursue to send secret messages to the staff attending to her. She use it to make signals helping her get out of conversations at any time of her choice.

When she moves the bag from her normal position which is the left arm and shifts it to the right one, it is a sign that she is ending the conversation. Placing it on the floor is a suggestion to be saved from an uncomfortable situation as fast as possible. Lastly, placing the bag on the table means that she needs to end and activity or event in five minutes.

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