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Do Vampires Really Exist From All the Stories We've Heard?

We've all heard stories about creatures that live solely on blood. Unlike the Maasai, who prepare animal blood for consumption. I'm referring to blood from a vein. To be specific, human blood. Maybe I'm obsessed with vampires because I've seen too many vampire movies. I've seen all eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries, which follow Damon and his brother Stefan. But that's just fiction, and we all knew that until I read about Masten Wanjala, a serial killer from Kenya.

Masten Wanjala is a young man who many belief is possessed by a demon. He was the sole perpetrator of the cold-blooded murder of 12 children. Contrary to what criminals do, Wanjala has been confessing to all of the killings. He told the cops about his victims without being compelled to do so. He even gave the cops a book that detailed all of his heinous and agonizing killings.

To top it all off, he admitted to doing the unthinkable, which is why I believe vampires exist. He would have his victims inhale a white powder or drink a chemical that would make his job easier. He claims to take a certain concoction that causes him to kill people. He says that he used to suck his victim's blood from the vein before he killed them.

Vampires do exist, or his demons had taken control of his mind and body.

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