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Zora: Who Between Nana and Naya Genuinely Loves Madiba?

Jiffy pictures is a leading media production company in Africa, and particularly Kenya. It is particularly responsible for the production of the Zora series aired by citizen television from 7.30 pm every week on Monday to Friday. Just like the Maria series, Zora is owned by Lulu Hasan and Rashid Abdallah.

Madiba is one of the lead characters in the play. Unfortunately, he lost his wife in a car accident after driving while drunk. Madiba's wife did not live to be known by viewers since she died immediately at the beginning of the play. She was expectant by the time she died but she left behind two beautiful daughters, Lila and Fila.

After the death of his wife, Madiba seems to be lonely. He goes to a lonely place where he can have time for himself to reflect on the best moments with his wife. However, Nana is beginning to fall in love with him and so is Naya. The two women seem to act in a manner that would attract Madiba's attention.

Nana is a jealous type and wouldn't like Madiba to mention another woman in her presence. On the other hand, Naya is just a lovely woman who would want to see Madiba become a happy person in life. She gives Madiba genuine advice on how to help her daughter cope with the loss of their mother. His daughters love her so much because she always there for them.

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