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Three Tricks Actors Use To Shed Tears In Movies

Have you ever wondered how possible is it to shed tears anytime you want? I bet you have seen in many movies and series when characters breakdown to cry and shed what seems like real tears. This makes us want to join them in crying sometimes!

I did my research and found out to my relief that those tears are always faked and the actors usually don't cry for real except for one trick. Let's get straight to it and find out the tricks used.

In the first trick, they use a device called tear blower or tear puffer. It is a small hand held cylinder that shoots a single puff of menthol-laden air into the actor's eye. The clear plastic tube is spring loaded and held in the cocked position until the actor triggers it. The puff creates instant tears in the affected eye.

The skill required here is the ability by the director to hide to hide the device from the camera so that the viewers do no see it and another skill is the puff both eyes at the same time.

In the second trick they use, there is a product called tear stick or menthol stick. It is a stick of wax packaged in a standard lipstick tube with the key ingredient of menthol.

When the actor puts a steak of wax close to the eye, the eye waters giving the flood of tears the actor can then use as part of the performance.

The last trick used is pretty natural since here the actor sheds real tears. The actor simply remembers a sad moment from his/her private life. The director gives the actor a few minutes to recover the memory of a death in the family for example and then delivers the required lines while in tears.

Next time you're watching a movie, I'm sure you will keep that information in mind. Please leave a comment, follow me and share the article. Thank you.

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