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Husband and wife relationship

'Kimeumana' Jamal's First Wife Amira Throws Shades At Her Co-Wife- Amber Ray

Nairobi businessman Jamal Marlow Roho Safi has been trending for a while now for his love triangle. His goat wife Amira has never been comfortable having a co-wife who was once her best friend- Amber Ray.

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Even though his husband Jamal made it clear that the socialite is his legal wife, Amira is still in denial of that. She has never acknowledged her being part of her husband's life.

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Through her Instagram stories, she shared a video that contained a message directed to Amber Ray. In her message, she was asking how a 'slay queen' with long nails can take care of a man while her work is to sit in the house and be on her laptop all day.

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Moreover, she went ahead to add that long nails resemble a gravedigger. She quoted: ' Una maana gani ya kuolewa dada? Ndani ya nyumba yako kazi yako kuminya laptop na kucha ndefu kama ya mfukua kaburi? '

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Amber Ray loves to treat herself with some manicures and pedicures and having long neat nails has always been her priority. She values that a lot.

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Jamal and Amber Ray have been together for a while now and they are not ashamed of what they have since they both post each other on their social media platforms.

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How do you think this will end? Will the co-wives ever sit at the same table?

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