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Nyashinski's Wife Zia Bett Amazing Transformation After Welcoming Their First-born

Are you the type of person who loves her body the way it is or are you the type that has to look for a way to making her body fit?

Nyashinski's Wife Zia Bett welcomed her baby in 2020 and some months later, she noticed a drastic change in her body. She hated the person she saw in the mirror which led her to eating healthy and implemented a thorough workout plan.

Zia Bett is an epitome of transformation when one chooses to making herself better on the looks. She showed of her amazing change and it's nothing short of incredible. She posted side by side photos of her after welcome the first born and after adhering to the health and fitness as well as eating clean.

She encouraged her fans to always start from somewhere as she recalled looking at the mirror and not liking the image she saw on the mirror. The image and the thought haunted her and she really had to do something in a different manner.

She says implementing a new lifestyle was damn difficult, going to the gym religiously and giving up sweet treats was a great challenge but she trusted the progress and the results too.

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Nyashinski Zia Bett


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