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Dance 98-Tileh Pacbro

The dance crew which was started in 2018. The Mastermind behind the kick off of this crew is Tileh Pacbro,he is the leader of the entire memberships.

The dance began after tileh saw and observed that Nairobi lacked trap scenes which motivated him to venture in such a rocking environment.

It is located in lavington, Nairobi and has also an academy which aims at training talented kids who want to join them.

Since it's journey,dance 98 has been successful althrough. They have performed songs such as;

1.Cheza Kama Wewe-The song which made an upcoming artist go famous was not left behind by this jamming icons.

Trio mio dances with dance 98

Courtesy of Pinterest;

2. Jerusalema- The Zulu song which rocked during the Corona pandemic in 2020 belong to Master Kg from South Africa.

Courtesy of Pinterest;

3.Sukari-The Zuchu's latest song from Tanzania has also been performed by this exciting crew.

Courtesy of Pinterest;

4.Staga-The gengetone hit song was dropped into the market by ethics entertainment in the year 2020,Dance 98 never failed to also empress it.

Courtesy of Pinterest;

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Nairobi Pinterest Tileh


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