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Hubby Committed Suicide The Night I Refused To Go Back Home To Him. It Was Painful;Lady Sadly Says

Ruth Wanjiru from Nairobi county painfully narrates her story to one of the YouTubers on how her husband hanged himself the night she refused to go back home to him. This was after she went to her mother's place due to her husband's mistreatment.

Ruth comes from a family of four children and according to her, she never attended school. This was because her parents couldn't afford her fees, and they were also drunkards. She started working at a tender age to sustain her life, she sadly says. She worked as a house help in two houses but unfortunately, the employer's took advantage of her since she was young.

Life was unbearable but luckily while in her area of work, she met a man and got into a relationship. She thought that she had escaped her predicaments since he treated her nicely. However, before she knew it, she was pregnant, and the lover denied the pregnancy. She became devastated and decided to go back home to her parents. Life became unbearable from them on and after the child was born, the man called her and apologized.

He took responsibility of the child, and they went back together. They decided to settle down this time round as a couple. He took her to his house within his mother's compound. They lived happily at first, and she got pregnant with their second child. However, the husband changed drastically thereafter, and he started to mistreat her. He would beat her for no apparent reason, and this angered Ruth.

She decided to leave him and go back to her parent's house until when she was calm. After a while, the husband started coming to their home, often begging her to go back to him. Ruth didn't feel ready, and she decided to buy time. However, on this fateful night, she recalls that he had come home as usual, and after she refused to go with him, he informed her that it was the last time she set eyes on him. He went ahead and bid their last born son goodbye, and he left emotionally.

Ruth didn't see it as a big deal then, and she went on with her business as usual. Early that morning is when they got the news that he had hanged himself at home. It was the most heartbreaking moments of his life, and she regretted refusing to go with him. 

The pain is still fresh in her mind up to date, especially because her in laws blames her for his death. To worsen it, she was pregnant when the husband died, and she didn't know, but the baby died prematurely thereafter. She also lost her firstborn daughter due to pneumonia. It's been a nightmare for her that she hopes to one day wake up from. 

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