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Former Tahidi High Actress Narrates Her Sad Story About Her Baby Daddy On Live Radio Interview

Former actress, in the Tahidi High show on Citizen TV has again popped in a radio interview. Miss Morgan, looked contented as she narrated the most dreadful experience of her life. She now says that her baby daddy abandoned her and he Is no longer responsible for her daughter's up keep. Her daughter Imani is her biggest inspiration.

The baby daddy said he would not be responsible for a child not living in his house. She has raised her daughter single handedly and she says she won't give up on her. She tried seeking legal support from the court, only for her efforts to prove futile. She went to court, only for the guy to ask for a DNA test only for it to be 99.9% positive. It was his blood.

Despite the results, the man says he cannot take care of a child outside his house. She left the man alone saying she would not force him to be available for her daughter. "Leave him alone," she added. She doesn't want to talk bad about the guy because, his blood runs in the blood vessels of her beloved daughter. The baby daddy comes from a royal family. She says, he is now out of the picture since her several law suits didn't not prove fruitful and he didn't not want to be responsible.

Miss Morgan says her mom is very supportive. Her dad and brother have always come through for her and her daughter. They are the only men her daughter calls family. She insists on how her daughter made her change for the good. She is her biggest inspiration and motivation. She says, Imani is an amazing soul. Her family is the only support she has for now.

We all need to be responsible.

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