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Zora: Unbelievable, Zora Chases The Love Of Her Life, Madiba

Zora and Madiba are lately lovers after Zora ruined his wedding with Nana. Madiba left behind his daughters with Zora to go to his real fathers burial. Zora loved Madiba do much but today she changes her mind.

Today's episodes Lila gets out and Fila follows her, Lila has refused to eat and she wants her father. Fila begs her to eat but Lila refuses.

Zora and Simba they don't know what to do to the girls. Hamida joins them,she tells Zora to call Madiba because their is no other option.

Zora calls Madiba ,Madiba receives her call he is at the village. Madiba calls Zora my love and asks her if their is a problem. Zora tells him that everything is wrong then Lila will jump to Zora's phone and tells his father to come for them. Madiba tells Lila to listen what's aunt Zora is telling them and to take her medicine.

Zora will tell Simba to go and serve them,Lila eats but then refuses the medicine but Madiba will be back. The girls will be happy to see their father.

Zora will leave and Madiba follows her. Zora tells Madiba that he needs them to move out of her house because she is a married woman. Madiba will not believe, he asks where he will go because he was chased from his family. Madiba asks Zora to have mercy especially the kids but Zora doesn't change her mind.

Madiba will takes his girls very over stressed because he don't know were to go. Fila and Lila takes their bags and Madiba follows them.

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