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Femi ones fans in shock as Mejja reveals that he wrote the entire "UTAWEZANA" song

"I wrote the whole "utawezana song," popular genge artist mejja revealed during an interview with simulizi sauti. He further went ahead to say that he used to sing both the male the female part before femi one got featured and sang the female part. In his own words he said that femi just repeated whatever he had said.

"Utawezana nilikua nayo, nilikuwa naimba part ya boy na dem. Femi one alikuwa anaingia studio anarepeat chenye nasema".

So all of the lasses who ridiculed mejja for the part that says "mejja na kitambi utawezana" thinking it was Femi one who came up with that idea, I'm sorry to raid on your parade as it was mejja himslef who wrote it.

This public revelation will automatically brew beef between Mejja's fans and Femi one's fans. 


We can't say Mejja wants clout for the promotion of the "Utawezana" song as the song was and is still a banger for it raises people from thier feet in clubs or events.

You can share your thoughts of whether it was right for Mejja to reveal that he wrote all the lyrics or was he just blowing his own horn during the interview.

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