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"I Don't Believe in God and Will Never Allow My Wife & Kids to Go to Church" Mugithi Singer Narrates

Kioi junior is a young Mugithi musician and a member of Global Atheist Republic headquartered in the USA.


He is a father of one and a lovely husband to one wife who is okay with his stand on religion. He is a nephew to a popular singer Kamande wa Kioi, a brothers to musician Magua Kioi and a cousin to a gospel singer, Elijah Miller.


During his interview, he confirmed that he is an atheist who id comfortable with his life.

“I will never allow my wife and children to go to the church. They can pray if the want to but they won’t follow the church teaching in my house,” he said.


The Mugithi star quoted several Bible verses and stated that the Christian don’t even follow the same Bible they read everyday.


He further said that he doesn’t pray for a good health whenever he gets sick, but rather walks to a hospital.

“If God really exists and deliver, the somebody should pray for Corona Virus to end today,” said Mr Kioi Junior.


Religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

Everything one has a freedom of worship and the constitution allows the members of public to worship whoever and however they want.


May the Good Lord have mercy on his people and lead them to the right way. 

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