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Can you be part of your ex wedding committee?

Nisha Bebee, a Bongo Movie actress has shocked most of her fans by purchasing a wedding gown for her ex boyfriends bride. She has done so to show a sign of appreciation for the love they had together before parting ways.

They have lived like a brother and sister even after breaking up. She opens up that she was involved in the whole wedding arrangement process, that is why she decided to buy the wedding gown and other contributions for the wedding.

Nisha Bebee continues to say that she loved her ex and they never got into any serious quarrel with him. The reason for them breaking up was that she was not ready to leave his country and start a new life in a foreign country, which was the same case with her ex.

The wedding took place yesterday, the bride was dressed with the gown bought by Nisha Bebee. She wished them a happy life as husband and wife.

Nisha Bebee has a special message to men that, they should learn to speak the truth on how they feel about their partners, instead of using the so called men phrase ' mwanamke bila kudanganywa haendi'.

She adds that it's high time men change that mentality towards their women. "All women love true men, it's better for someone to tell you the truth even if it hurts, than to please you with lies in the name of love." Says the actress.

"We end up being desperate as a result of men telling lies. We truly love our men, but they should also stop telling lies and start being loyal to us" Says Nisha Bebee.

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