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"Why I Delivered My Child While Working in Qatar. My Boss Took Care of me." Kenyan Lady

After form four her life became difficult and so she decided to look for greener pastures abroad. Luckily her parents allowed her to relocate to Iraq. And because she had a boyfriend, he never wanted her to go. Rizzy decided to convince her boyfriend about the issue and so he agreed. The night before she travelled, she visited her boyfriend and spent the night together.

And because her parents knew her boyfriend they had no problem with them. When the day came Rizzy was able to travel to Iraq. Luckily her boss was nice to her. Her work was minimal whereby she woke up at six and could sleep early. During the day she had a lot of free time. Her boss also paid her the salary months.

During the first month, she never experienced her monthly period. Rizzy thought it was normal because of climate change and so she also ignored the other months. Four Months later Rizzy started experiencing some dizziness and a lack of appetite. And because it was not severe she ignored the symptoms.

After six months, Rizzy felt something moving in her stomach and so she decided to tell her boss. Her boss was astonished in that she knew very she was done with all the medical check-ups here in Kenya and Iraq. After being taken to the hospital, it was confirmed she was pregnant. Rizzy explained to her boss that she had a husband back in Kenya which was not true. So her boss never accused her of anything.

Her boss took care of her, bought for her what she needed and went back home. When the time came for her to birth here, she gave birth to her bouncing baby boy. Her boss took care of her whereby she even paid for her medical bill. At home, she continued working while still taking care of her child.

A few months Rizzy decided to bring her child to Kenya. She processed the necessary documents and brought her child to her mother. Unfortunately, her brothers never believed it was her child because of how brown the child was. Luckily later her family supported and embraced her.

Months later she left her child in Kenya and went back to work in the same house. She worked hard to achieve her dreams and was able to save her money. Rizzy claims that when relocating to Iraq she was already pregnant but she never noticed. So after confronting the father of the child about the issue he denied the child.

Luckily Rizzy is now raising her child all alone. Having worked for a few years in Iraq she came back to Kenya where she is investing in various areas. She also helps women who need to go abroad in various ways. Rizzy urges women who are working abroad to never misuse their money while in Kenya. More so attending shows for different artists and also being generous and showing off.

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