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Good Job! Mixed Reactions After What Kiengei Wrote on Social Media

Muthee Kiengei is a household name to many. Apart from acting, he is a pastor, businessman, presenter, Emcee, father, and influencer. Many adore his work because of his passion for helping people in various ways. Before fame, Muthee Kiengei came from a humble background where he tried any kind of business to make ends meet. Luckily Women Rep Sabina Chege spotted him and from then his life changed.

In the recent past Kiengei posted a photo of himself in his shamba weeding potatoes in Nyandarua County. Kiengei bought the shamba a few years ago and is now building his retirement home and also doing farming.

In his post, he gave a story of how Jacob went through hell at the hands of his uncle Laban. Jacob for twenty years for his uncle but luckily he was able to gather his wealth little by little. His uncle always exchanged his blessings because Jacob was a blessed man of God. First, it started with the exchange of his wife, and second about the goats that he was taking care of.

Luckily God was able to make a way for him after he gave him the idea of making the goats multiply. In conclusion, Kiengei said that God will give you ideas about what you are going to do. Even if your close friends have abandoned you, God is going to make a way.

God will make a way, and He will show you the best path to follow. Never lose hope in God. In the recent past Kiengei has shown a lot of effort in society by helping the needy, sick, and the less privileged society. For example, he was able to pay for school for a certain boy who had no school fees to join high school.

Also, he helped a woman whose child had heart disease. He was able to mobilize people who were able to pay large sums of money for her to get treated. Luckily the child was treated and is now in good condition.

Impacting society is a good thing in the world. It helps in changing society's way of doing things, way of thinking, and the way people see things. No matter the little things you do to society remember that one day it will change the world. Be positive in whatever you do and never lose focus.

No matter how little you start keep moving.

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