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"Us Online Aunties Are Ready " Netizens Reaction Following This Post By Milly Wa Jesus

Milly Wa Jesus is a content creator on YouTube alongside her husband Kabi with whom they run a production company. The couple is famous on social media for servicing netizens with couple goals where they share photos of themselves in matching outfits. They produce content on YouTube in which they endeavour to campaign that marriage works. 

Following a post seen on Milly's page, the couple could be preparing to have their second child after Taji WA Jesus. "Baby fever on my mind. Kabi wa Jesus Ali tuingie maombi. Also, how cute are those baby items?Yaani I can't wait to beba another one, Am ready. How do you know you are ready for baby number two?" Milly's caption read. Milly shared that she has an emotional desire for a child and reached out to her husband for them to start praying over it. She as well expressed her eagerness to carry another child and engaged her fans asking them how they know they are ready to be pregnant once again.

Now this post by Milly Wa Jesus has caught netizens attention as they seemed to camp in the comment section. For most of them, they heartily supported Milly's idea and expressed their eagerness to be auntie and uncles as most of them put it. "Us online aunties and uncles are ready." was the repeated comment among the fans who engaged in the post.

A section of other fans shared that Taji was now grown enough to now get a baby sister or brother. Others were seen to wish the couple good through the journey and that God to lead them through. Child bearing is not a walk in the park and it is not every other person that can put up with it. Also children are a blessing as there are some who either the man or woman in the marriage cannot bear children as they are infertile. 

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