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Zora: Panic in Chibales Home As Oliver Sends Strange Text to Zalena then Goes Missing

In today's episode of Zora, the tension in Chibales home is high. Zalena confronts her husband Oliver Chibale about his relationship with Nana and Oliver doesn't deny. He says that Nana will be replacing Zalena very soon and if she is not ready, she can walk out.

The following day, Oliver goes out on a date with Nana. Nana is overjoyed after Oliver tells her she will soon be Mrs Chibale. They both part ways.

However, in the morning at the Chibales home, Zalena notices that Oliver didn't come home last night and his phone is off.

Zalena picks her phone and sees a strange text Oliver sent her late in the night stating that she is a snake, he regrets meeting her and incase he dies, he will die with a lot of bitterness.

Loretta arrives and starts shouting at Zalena asking her what she has done to her brother Oliver.

Zalena says that Oliver is her husband and she can't do anything to harm him.

Kwame tries calling Oliver but his phone is still off. They all panic and suggest they should call the police but Yola insists they should wait for 48 hours.

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