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Zora Citizen TV: Zora Blamed Over Fella's Arrest As Zalena Flees From The Mansion

Even though it looks like a great relief to Zora after her cruel husband got arrested, you can still see that she is under frustrations. To begin with, almost everyone thinks that she framed Fella so as to stay with Madiba. Her only son Simba is already mad at her since he believes that she was behind his father's arrest. Remember he witnessed his arrest and decided to abandon her. 

On the other side of Madiba, it is believed that he conspired with Zora to frame Fella. This caused even his own brother to loose trust in him. All these happened leaving Zalena very worried. This was because she knew that she was the next victim. After confirming, she realized that anytime soon she would be arrested, Zalena decided to escape. He tried to convince Kwame to follow her but he refused completely. 

The truth of the matter is that Zalena isn't escaping because of the issue of Alma's death but it was because off her drug trafficking business that not even Kwame and Madiba are aware of. Decipite the fact that Ogolla had warned no one not to move out of the mansion, Zalena decided to leave. Let's find out more from the next episode.

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