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Interesting Peer movies Every Teenager Should Watch, Here Is The List

The process of growth and development entails one's exposure to new life experiences.Some of these experiences may be overwhelming and confusing especially to young people,making them look towards their peers for advice.This raises their susceptibility to peer pressure influence since they have to adopt new behavior to fit among their peers.These behaviors may not be understood by parents since they don't know what's happening to their children.

However,the following is a list of movies that touches the experiences most youths undergo and may give ideas on how to deal with peer pressure.

1.Mean Girls

The movie is about an innocent home-schooled girl known as Candy.She ends up falling prey for popular group of girls known as Plastics. She becomes part of them to avoid criticism but eventually realizes her mistakes and amends them.2.Breakfast Club

The movie is about five school teenagers with completely different personalities who ends up spending Saturday in detention.Brian is one of the five students and is very brainy.He however succumbs to destructive behaviors and starts smoking bhang.3.Augusta Gone

The movie is about a story of Augusta who suddenly becomes conscious of her body.Her life takes turn for the worst when she become friend with the local 'bad girl'.She starts drug abuse,shoplifting,skipping school and becomes aggressive. She later reforms after being taken to rehabilitation .4.Thirteen

The movie follows Tracy,an innocent straight A student who becomes confused and insecure upon entering adolescent.Desperate for popularity and attention, she ends up befriending Evie,the most popular girl.Her new friend leads into a dark path of sex,drugs and petty crime.Her mother is also an alcoholic and a highschool dropout.5.Finding Nemo

This is an interesting animated movie addressing peer pressure in a quite meaningful way.Nemo is overprotected by his father which he does not really like.During a school trip,Nemo gives into peer pressure and undertakes huge risks which lands him into serious trouble,even putting his life in danger.The boy learns it the hard way but his father,Merlin comes to his rescue at last.

These movies provides a good insight to things that happen to peer groups and may give ideas on how to handle challenges experienced by the youths.

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