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Not Forgetting Your Ex? Here Are Tips in How To Forget Your Ex For Good

Are you struggling to forget your ex-lover? Love is a sweet thing when it's genuine. Falling out of love is another nightmare altogether and you really want to forget your ex as soon as you part ways. However, forgetting your ex-lover is never that easy and your moments together may haunt you for quite some time.

If you have found it difficult to get your ex out of your mind, try using these tips;

Delete their number

Once you are sure that you are done with your ex-lover and you do not want anything to do with them ever again, the first thing to do should be deleting their number. This way, you will not be tempted to text or call them. If they call you, pretend that you do not remember their number anymore. This way, they will be mad and try to keep off from you.

Block him on social media

Ex-lovers have a tendency of making you feel jealous by posting their photos with their new partners. This will hurt you and remind you of them. But once you block them on all social media platforms, you will never see what they post and slowly, they will fade away from your mind.

Discard everything that reminds you of them

If you have any gifts, souvenirs or any other thing that your ex-left at your place, throw it away or even burn it.

Keep distance from your ex's friends and relatives

Once you break up with your ex, there are always friends and family who will pop up with a list of questions and suggestions. Some will remind you of your great moments with your ex while some will advise you to get back together oblivious to the reasons behind your break up. Keep off from such people and avoid any conversations that lead to your past relationship.

Never meet your ex

Some ex-lovers will insist on being your friends even after parting ways. They want to meet you to apparently make friends. Never fall for such traps because every time you meet your ex, it will remind you of your past love experience with them.

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