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Crazy and Weird Things About the Movie 'The Gods Must Be Crazy'

This movie became the best selling African movie of that time. It was produced in 1980 and is a comedy film. It is so interesting up to date. Leave alone the modern comedy movies, you will experience real happiness while watching this movie.

The main actor Xi, was very creative. This movie was set in South Africa. The movie star, Xi is a Namibian San. It begins with a bottle dropped from a plain which the community thought was a gift from their gods. This bottle brings chaos and later turns to be a bad omen that is required to be thrown away. This is how the movie began.

This movie became the most financially successful movie in the history of the South African production industries. It sparked reactions and criticism as some people termed it patronizing towards the san people. People also said it was racial and discriminatory and ignored the apartheid regime in South Africa.

For many years it has been argued that the young child in the movie is the famous musician, Nasty C. Some people have also argued that she is a grown-up woman who has got children and resides in South Africa. I think the latter is true because this movie was produced in 1980 long before Nasty C was born. Nasty was born in 1997. You may also share more about the recent development of this movie.

Even though the movie generated a lot of money, the star, Xi, was not well paid. However, the director adjusted to him some amount which to me was still meagre because he played an integral part in the development of that movie. The movie was a comparison of the African culture and the European culture and the roots of civilisation in South Africa. Towards the end of the movie, we can rank Xi as the most civilised in his community because of his interaction with the white couples.

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