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'Itabidi Ameishi Pekeake' Sick Njugush's Family Laments As Son, Tugi Transmits Flu Every Week

The Njugush's is one family of comedians that are known to entertain their online families and cracking ribs. Comedy seems to be running deep in their blood as their son, Tugi at such a tender age is quite the comedian who has gone to the extent of earning a plaque on Youtube for that matter.

Well, currently the whole family is down with the flu. Through her Instagram stories, Njugush's wife Celestine Ndinda alias wakavinye sadly lamented and revealed how young Tugi carries bacteria flu from his school every week transmitting it to the family, and thus they are always down with the flu weekly.

The two were sneezing and coughing so much and went to the extent of claiming that Tugi should move out and live alone away from them to prevent themselves from the weekly flu.

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Tap the link to watch the video below of Celestine lamenting about the same,

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