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Netizens React After Sofia Of Maria Citizen TV Show Shared This Photos

Bridget Shighadi alias Sofia of Maria Citizen TV show is one of the most beautiful female characters among the Cast of the show. When the show started, she was hated by most of the people who used to view the program because of her inhuman traits. As the show continued, people have started showing her love due to her reformed behavior. She just posted a photo of herself in a beautiful jumpsuit that left netizens with their mouth opened.

People asked her what she always does at her hair which makes her so outstanding. The colour of the jumpsuit makes her look as bright as a star. Some told her that she should tag the the seller of the jumpsuit for them to be able to purchase as such. Check out on their reactions on social media.

Others told her that she looks just like Sara Hassan. What are your views concerning this article, kindly don't forget to like, share, comment and following us after reading our articles.

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