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"That Tycoon is Not My Boyfriend" Lilian Muli Says After She Was Seen With a Guy, Reveals Who He is

Lilian Muli is one of the media personalities who have gone through a lot of criticism because of the decisions she has had to make in life and things that have happened to her. She is a single mother of two boys that she loves so much.

In an interview with Jalang'o, Lilian revealed that she has never wanted to have a daughter because she grew up around boys. That her sons have influenced her to always be updated on matters that boys like such as football. She advised young mothers to align themselves with what their children like to motivate them to follow their passion and dreams.

There has been a rumour that Lilian is dating a tycoon but she refuted the claims during the interview. She said that the tycoon is not her boyfriend but just a friend who they attended a birthday party with. That they happened to hold hands because of a game that involved everyone having a partner but nothing is going on between them.

She advised netizens to leave people's lives alone and only mind businesses that bring them money. She also said that people should get used to seeing her hanging out with tycoons because most of her friends are men and they are rich.

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