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18 Funny traditional names that will amaze you

Every tribe in Kenya have it's unique names used to give to all newborns. Some of these names have a meaning while others are given because they belong to the ancestors, and have to inherit it as a way of honouring them.

Some of these traditional names sounds funny when pronounced and will make you laugh whenever addressing them. Some people decide to pick another name just to avoid being embarassed in future.

Below are some of the traditional names that sounds funny when pronounced.


2. Mzenge

3. Mwasho

4. Mnyambo😂

5. Chombo

6. Domu

7. Mzae

8. Mshindo

9. Mbondo

10. Siwaziri

11. Rukia

12. Nashuka

13. Nalima

14. Zubeda

15. Matunda

16. Bundi

17. Kilango

18. Kitun

These are some of the names from a few tribes in Kenya. Hope you had fun while reading this. Please feel free to like and share. Do not enjoy the fun alone.

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Chombo Kenya Mzenge Rukia Siwaziri


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