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How Depression Has Affected This Kenyan Actress and What You Should Know About the Disease

Depression is identified among the leading diseases in the number of people affected here in the country. A Kenyan Actress is among those affected. Gaterina is a well known actress and a darling to many in the entertainment industry, her last project was in lnooro tv. A Kikuyu broadcasting tv station, since her departure her new pictures online show an individual who's going through a lot. In a live interview on YouTube Gaterina who goes by real name as Charity Wacera explained her sudden lose in weight.

Wacera has told the audience that she's suffering from severe depression, a disease she has had to fight since childhood and which also led to the collapse of her marriage. She has revealed that she is currently not working and living with her parents in the village. Depression deprived one of self esteem and can easily mislead one to making g wrong decisions. Early detection is the only way to manage it before the damages like what the actress is witnessing.

Severe depression can lead serious mental disorientation. Though a disease, Kenya do not have compiled data about it. This leaves those suffering from it unattended and suffering, the case of Wacera represent thousands who do not go live to tell their story. This should be a wake up call for the government to check on how best patients can be assisted in public hospitals.

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