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Mixed Reactions After Nyota Ndogo Posted a Video While Crying

If you use social media, you've probably encountered Nyota Ndogo at some point. She is a businesswoman and artist from Kenya who is too grounded to be deterred by doubters.

She was discussing clients who left with her money after she hired them in her three-bedroom Airbnb to stay in while she was live on her Facebook official page a few hours earlier. She stated that the customers claimed to be her followers and that they were given access to the rooms without paying a deposit.

When the Airbnb manager contacted the clients after they had departed without paying, they claimed to have given the money to Nyota Ndogo, which is not accurate.

Because they consumed energy and water and neglected to pay the room manager, Nyota decided to shoot a video alerting them that what they did was wrong.

She continued by cursing them in the name of God, demanding that they be apprehended and severely punished wherever they went next so that the entire world would be made aware of their misdeeds. Visit the link below to view the complete video.

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