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This Is Where Jalang'o Places His Hands When Taking Photos Alongside Kamene Goro

Jalang'o and Kamene Goro host the Morning Show at Kiss 100 FM every morning from Monday to Friday. They have been taking the show by storms since they started working together.Jalang'o. [Photo/Courtesy]

It's like a tradition that radio presenters have to take photo while in the studio before the show begin and post them on their respective social media pages. Personally, i think it's a way of informing social media users that they should tune in as the show begins. The duo takes photos every morning and social media users have realized something about Jalas' daily pauses when taking photos with his co-host. The comedian places either his left hand or right hand on his trouser pocket always. One thing i have realised is that almost all his trousers have the same pocket design. In my Opinion, Jalas is that person who can get used to one particular way of doing a certain art. This is because Crazy Kennar also made a funny video clip of a particular dance style that Jalang'o uses for all types of songs.The video was hilarious and we can all agree that Kennar was hitting the nail on the head. Here is the link to the video; Jalang'o. [Photo/Courtesy]

The radio presenter should consider looking for different ways of performing arts.It's not a pleasing thing when people notice that you have only one way of doing things. However, he has a great sense of fashion.He is always dressed by one of the best fashion house in Nairobi called Devine collections where all their outfits are unique and of good quality. He matches his outfits adorably everyday. As you can all see he is a big fun of black trousers which surprising matches with any colour. What do you think about Jalang'o's daily pause? Comment down below and kindly follow me for more updates. Below are more photos; Jalang'o. [Photo/Courtesy]

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