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Amberay opens up about claims that he gets his money from men

Amberay is among the Kenyan top socialites that leave Kenyans asking where she gets all that money to afford the luxurious life she lives.

She owns two big machine cars and a also lives in big expensive estates around Nairobi . Many people have judged her on her sources of income .

Today on her Instagram stories where she was showing what products she used for skincare she has talked about that topic . She said that she doesn't mind being talked but people should be sure of what they talk first . She said that people don't know what she is doing for a living but that doesn't make her a h*e as people say . She asked people if they think that her luxurious life if from selling herself then they should try and see if they will make it to live like her .

She confirmed her money comes from investments and the businesses she is running .

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