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Sultana:Asia Prays Bi Ua Not To Wake Up Again As Major Threatens To Cut Her Nails With His Teeth

In tomorrow's episode, Asia enters Bi Ua's room and finds her still unconscious. Bi Ua has been sick for days. Asia will be sorry but her prayer is that Bi Ua to not wake up again. Asia is scared because Bi Ua is aware that Sultana is her daughter.

JJ finds Asia and tells her to take care of Bi Ua. JJ insists Asia make sure his mother takes her medicine and always looks after her. JJ will leave as Asia tries to call him.

Later Asia will meet Major while doing some exercise and Congratulates him. Major tells Asia that is a bad person and never informed him that Sultana and Salama came into his house. Asia tells him that she could not do anything because JJ was the head of the house. Asia then asks Major what will do to the villagers after doing inhuman to Maneno. Major tells Asia that he never did in inhumane to anyone but if she wants to see his reality make sure she is not hiding anything from him. Major swears to Asia that if he finds she has been hiding anything he will cut her nails with his teeth. Asia will be shocked.

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