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'Drama In IL-Moran, Laikipia As Angry Herders Reportedly Beat An Ass. Chief After a Misunderstanding

Police officers from Olmoran in Laikipia are currently searching for a group of herders who allegedly attacked a local area assistant chief who had gone to solve an issue that was bringing chaos among the communities.


Reports that has been shared by a reliable source of information has revealed that the chief who is currently receiving medical treatment in one of the hospitals in Laikipia had been summoned by a group of villagers to help them solve an issue over a piece of land that they were fighting for.

However, things went wrong a few hours after the chief got to the meeting. According to the reports given by the witnesses, they claimed that the herders were not okay with the chief's decision and for this reason, they allegedly descended on him with Clubs and Arrows. The chief was later rushed to the nearest hospital where he is currently receiving medical treatment.

For thir reasons for police officers from Laikipia have revealed that they are currently searching for the suspects urging any resident with any information on the whereabouts of the suspects to make sure they report them to the nearest police station since they are now wanted by the police.

On to what might be considered as good news, a number of politicians from this region have thanked the government for looking out for the residents in the Middle Of this pandemic and ongoing banditry attacks on the region. According to the reports given by most politicians, they claimed that the government was starting to restore law and order in the region.

In the past few months, a number of residents among them police officers have lost their lives In different bandit attacks. For this reason, the interior Cs, Fred Matiangi said that they were going to make sure they fish out all the suspects in the region.

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