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Singer Ringtone and Eric Omondi Involved in a Nasty Online Fight

The self-proclaimed president of comedy Africa, comedian Eric Omondi and the self proclaimed richest musician in Africa Ringtone Apoko today involved in a nasty online exchange. The duo have been having differences and this played out open when Omondi was arrested while demonstrating along Parliament Road to compel Kenyan DJs to play at least 70% of the local content as support for the talents. SAD!! RINGTONE APOKO FIGHTS WITH ERICK OMONDI VOCAL WAR 'NI MASKINI NO 1  ANAFAA AKUE DANCER WETU" - YouTube

That evening, Ringtone arrived at the police station to bail out Omondi only to find out that he was already out. Addressing the press, Ringtone said that Omondi should concentrate on comedy and leave singers alone. Since then , the two have not been seeing each other eye to eye and it seems like things are escalating now. Image

Today the two top talents have engaged themselves in a nasty online exchange over their respective careers. Eric questioned what Ringtone does and the last time he appeared on stage to perform. Replying to him, Ringtone said that Eric should stop using his name to become popular but rather work hard to become rich and popular like him.

"Ringtone anafanyanga nini? When was the last time alikuwa kwa stage akiperform?"Eric posed.

"Stop using my name to become popular. Work hard. You can become like me." Ringtone replied.Kelebrity

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