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Justina Syokau Blasted by Her Fans After Saying This on TV

Ukambani gospel singer Justina Syokau has surprised many by saying she has a "dry spell of eight years." That means she has not had slept with a man for eight years.

In an interview with Kamba TV, the controversial gospel singer said that her last relationship didn't end well which is why she decided to stay single for that long.

 The 2020 hitmaker who is also a preacher has been hitting headlines for some time now for several reasons.

 The artist yesterday said he is wearing expensive clothes claiming that the cheapest cloth she has worth Ksh13000.

 A few months ago the artist said she was sick and was admitted to a hospital in Nairobi. She said the hospital bill amounted to 2 million, and she was able to call for help from her fans.

 To the surprise of her fans, Syokau was able to release a song a week after claiming a donation to cover hospital expenses.

 Some of her fans accused the artist of duping them into giving her money to release a song.

These are some reactions from social media.

Emma Jacob: Where is the kin of this woman? She needs a psychiatrist as soon as now !!

Jeremy James: For real this world is about to an end, if you call yourself a servant, then define who's, for this should be from the other kingdom, the Justina (servant)I knew is nowhere to be found, #pridenwreklesspostsdenyher.

Dave Davie: Where is CCK's boss? This lady is out of content. She's a shame in the Kingdom of heaven. She gat no morals. "God opposes the proud... But shows favor to the humble" James 4:6.

Irene Wanbua: Nonsense, is she preaching the gospel or advertising herself..... She needs to style up for heaven's sake this is end times.

You can watch the video via this link:

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