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The 3 Movies On Netflix That Are Recommended For Family Viewing

To help you choose the perfect movie that you can sit in front of with the kids and enjoy together in front of a plot that will surely fascinate them and very possibly you too. Here are the best movies you can watch with a whole family and enjoy.

1. White Fang. The curiosity of a loyal wolfhound leads him on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and to three completely different owners."

Why watch with the whole family?

The extraordinary film, with its unique animation, was of course inspired by Jack London's classic book, which some of you must have read or alternatively you have already seen the series and films based on it in the past - and now is the time to reveal it to your children as well.

"White Feng" will enter the hearts of all of you who love animals and nature, and of course into the hearts of the children who will strongly identify with the graceful and free character of the wolf dog with the white fur. In case you are unable to watch the video - click here

2. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.

Following a failed rescue operation, Alex the Lion and his friends are stranded in Africa. Alex discovers to his dismay that he doesn't have much in common with the locals.

Why watch with the whole family:

After the success of the 2005 film Madagascar, the production company DreamWorks created this wonderful sequel, which some say is even better than the first.

The story of Alex the lion and his friends Marty the zebra, Gloria the hippopotamus and Malmo the giraffe, who escaped in the first part from their zoo in New York and ended up on the island of Madagascar off the coast of Africa, continues here with full vigor, and amuses and fascinates children and adults alike.

3. The Little Mermaid. In this version of the classic story, a mermaid captured in a circus changes the lives of a skeptical journalist and her innocent little sister.

Why watch with the whole family?

You probably remember the mermaid Ariel from the iconic classic Disney movie - but here it is a completely different story, about a mermaid named Ariel trapped in a glass tank in a circus in Mississippi.

This is a live action version, with flesh and blood actors, which takes the plot far from the ocean we know, which only makes it more interesting and special.

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