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The Fast Rising TV Stations That Might Be at The Top of Citizen, NTV and KTN Very Soon(Opinion)

Citizen television, KTN and NTV have been dominating as kings of airwaves in Kenya for the past two decades. They have massive viewership both in Kenya and outside of the country. For instance, NTV ha some of their branches in Uganda while Citizen airwaves covers some places of Uganda and Tanzania. The channels are no doubt the best when it comes to news broadcast and provisions of latest and trending stories.[Photo Courtesy]

Since they started broadcasting in Kenya, there have never been another stations that is giving them competition. Some other channels like KBC and K24TV have tried their best effortless. Recently KBC rebranded their programs but still people are are not loving them except for a few. It looks like Kenyans have a different test of news they want.

Luckily, we are now experiencing a new wave of televisions which have shown tremendous efforts to concur. They have tried to fix themselves in the fast growing competition that is somehow overwhelming but they are making it. Switch Tv and TV47 are the two channels that are coming up very fast.

The two channels are bringing what Kenyans love most. When the big channels concentrate on politics, the two stations goes deep into the interior of Kenya and look for the untold stories. Besides that, the stations have young and energetic youth presenters who are loved by kenyans. The world is changing and so are the people. The big percentage of kenyans are youths and therefore including some youth programs can easily propel their channels.

Many Kenyans love new things, inventions and alot of entertainment and that is what TV47 Switch Tv have majored in. Soon, we will see them rising to clinch the top position if they continue being relevant and consistence. Their success will also depend what the rival stations will be doing to make them the most loved. Do you think the two stations will soon come to beat the giant TV stations? Share your comments,likes and do not forget to share

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