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"Wakora Nyinyi," Kora Blasts Mejja And Madraxx And Calls Them Thieves

"Wakora Nyinyi," Kora Blasts Mejja And Madraxx And Calls Them Thieves

People have different roles and talents in the music industry. This is why we see many groups being formed every now and then. One of the crew members can be a producer another a vocalist. The reason for forming this group is also to widen the fan base or May someone cannot stand up by himself.

But once the group becomes successful we found crew members fighting over the group rites or one claiming being the reason why the group is relevant and this is why we see this groups breaking up every time.

All of us knows about the Kansoul right? If not let me educate you about it. The Kansoul is a Kenyan group made of three artist, Mejja, Kora and Madraxx. The group has lasted for many years now and it is very successful and famous.

Some of the Kansoul hits include; Bablas, accelerator, no woman no party, Nyongwa among others. It is almost a year now since we heard a song from the whole Kansoul crew. We have been only listening to Mejja lately and the last song they did as Kansoul was without Kora, secret lover where they were featured by Vivian.

Everybody has been asking about the whereabouts of Kora, he had distanced himself from the crew. So today Kora has come out clean on the reasons why he left the group.

On his Instastories, Kora lament how he struggled with the group to make it sound different but no one could listen to him. He said the group was just singing one song every time they record and they didn't bother to change the trend.

Kora also talked about how they took his kindness to the group for granted and they did not bother about his decisions too. He went ahead calling them "wakoras" or in other words 'thieves.'

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